Evidence collected in this paper shows that gender equality is critical to achieving a wide range of objectives pertaining to sustainable development, from promoting economic growth and labour productivity, to reducing poverty and enhancing human capital through health and education, attaining food security, addressing climate change impacts and strengthening resilience to disasters, and ensuring more peaceful and inclusive communities. Based on this evidence, the paper argues that accelerating the pace of advancing gender equality in all spheres of society leads to a more rapid increase in progress towards achieving the 2030 Agenda.

The paper suggests that action in the following key areas is needed to accelerate progress: (i) ensuring equal rights, opportunities and outcomes for both women and men; (ii) enhancing women’s agency, capabilities and participation in decision-making processes; (iii) eliminating gender-based violence and discrimination; (iv) transforming power relations at all levels of society.


Download the resource here: Gender Equality as an Accelerator for Achieving the SDGs


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