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In honor of Women in Wind’s 5th year, we are thrilled to announce a new storytelling series: The Winds of Change. This series focuses on the promise of renewable energy, the essence of leadership, and the pursuit of a just transition.


Transformative Tales of Leadership
In a world longing for meaningful progress, it is the narratives of exceptional individuals that possess the power to ignite our imaginations and drive us to take action. Through this series, we will embark on an exploration of the realm of wind energy, delving into the stories of passionate individuals who have spearheaded sustainable solutions, pioneered transformative initiatives, and emerged as catalysts of change.

From ground-breaking innovators in wind farm technology to community leaders spearheading equitable transitions, the Winds of Change Series will showcase the personal journeys and exceptional achievements of these leaders. We aim to recognize and promote their visibility, challenge stereotypes, and encourage more women and professionals to pursue careers in the wind energy industry.


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