Volume 1 | Stepping Up Women’s STEM Careers in Infrastructure: An Overview of Promising Approaches: Distills the findings from an extensive literature review, a global stocktaking exercise, key informant interviews, and five case studies in order to provide World Bank Group project teams with insights that they can use to support women’s STEM careers in infrastructure at each stage of their careers—from initial attraction to the sectors and job recruitment, to retention within organizations, and advancement to managerial and leadership roles.

The report is intended to underpin and expand the existing knowledge on gender equality issues, under the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP). The case studies featured form part of the insight captured in the associated report Stepping Up Women’s STEM Careers in Infrastructure: Volume 2 | Case Studies and Volume 3 | Summary Notes: Entry Points for World Bank Project Teams.


Download the report here: An Overview of Promising Approaches | Volume 1


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