The report, Levers of Change: How Global Trends Impact Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Access to Sustainable Energy, provides powerful evidence of how women are often not given an equal chance to take advantage of some of the key trends. For example, while solar off-grid and mini-grid systems are often the lowest-cost option for closing energy access gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa, many poor women live outside formal financial systems, including access to consumer finance, that would enable them to finance a solar home system or a clean cooking stove. Another indicator of this challenge: While global access to mobile phones is increasing, women living in low- and middle-income countries are 10 percent less likely than men to own a mobile phone. The report also showcases how countries are taking specific actions to take bigger advantage of these trends, both for expanding energy access for their overall populations and for women in particular.


Download the resource here: Levers of Change


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