A holistic energy access approach, taking into account the role of appliances, is needed if we are to achieve access to energy for all (Sustainable Development Goal 7) and gender equality (Sustainable Development Goal 5) by 2030. Appliances can reduce drudgery and save time in performing household tasks. They can also be transformative from an income generation perspective. This briefing shares evidence and policy recommendations from ENERGIA’s Gender and Energy Research Programme and the Efficiency for Access Coalition’s Low-Energy Inclusive Appliances (LEIA) Programme on the role of electrical appliances in households and small scale productive uses in achieving these two goals.

It highlights the specific contribution of energy efficient solar water pumps
and cooling technologies, as they have the potential to improve the lives of women and other underserved populations living in remote areas.

Download the policy brief here: The role of appliances in achieving gender equality and energy access for all


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