The energy turnaround is stumbling – the political decisions for the progress of the energy turnaround, which have been announced for a long time and then postponed constantly, make it clear that climate protection and sustainable economic activity in Germany are far from being top priorities on the political agenda. Various reasons are regularly cited for this, not least of which is the fact that overcoming the economic crisis induced by the COVID 19 pandemic currently dominates the political agenda. Yet, clean technologies are precisely the innovation driver that could now be used as an economic engine.

However, the energy system transformation not only lacks political prioritisation and the corresponding framework conditions – it is also lacks diversity. In order to achieve the global energy system transformation, all talents in all their forms must be included in order to drive innovation. In short, more women are needed for efficient environmental protection and an ambitious energy system transformation!

Read the full article in English and German published in the German Diplomatic Magazine.


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