How does it work?

GWNET offers an energy-sector specific, global mentoring programme for women in junior/middle management positions. Since the success of a mentoring relationship depends to a high degree on the compatibility of mentor and mentee, GWNET will select with great attention the most perfect possible match for any mentee, drawing from a significant pool of willing and suitable mentors. The mentoring programme will last for 12 months and start in March 2019. The programme will run as an on-line programme.

GWNET’s mentoring-programme will have a web-based kick-off meeting which allows for the interaction of all mentees and mentors of a given programme cycle. The programme will be concluded by an interactive web-based graduation meeting as well. If groups are too big for suitable interaction in one inter-active web-based setting, several web-based meetings will be offered. Typically mentors and mentees need to calculate 2 hours per month for mentoring-program related activities.

Mentors will serve on a honorary basis and agree to respect the Global Code of Ethics for Mentors established by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.  Each mentor-mentee tandem will establish agreement on the frequency of interactions and the ways and channels of their communication to be used; the tandem will also define goals and priorities for their mentoring process, using benchmarks, feedback and other suitable tools to document progress towards the selected and agreed-upon goals. Recommended forms for the initial agreement as well as for progress tracking will be supplied by GWNET.

Mentees will have access to additional GWNET modules for personal and professional growth (e.g. webinars on the development of the energy sector or on other relevant cognitive contents; units of personal development; psychological or job-related referral services). Upon completion of a full period of mentoring and based on the recommendation of the individual mentor, GWNET will issue a Certificate of Completion.

In addition, mentees will benefit from networking opportunities supplied through webinar channels during the programme. They will be able to connect as a community built with their mentee peers and exchange on their experience and their progress within the programme. Above this, they will also have an excellent opportunity to network with alumni from former GWNET mentoring programmes.

How to apply as mentee?

Interested mentee candidates can apply by sending an email expressing their interest, goals and attaching an updated CV to The deadline for applications is 31  January 2019.

Eligible candidates will be notified by 31st January 2019 and invited to transfer the programme fee of EURO 500 to GWNET’s account IBAN: AT40 3200 0000 1253 2636; BIC: RLNWATWW by February 15th at the latest. Upon receipt of the programme fee candidates will receive the confirmation of acceptance into the programme. The GWNET mentoring programme will start in March 2019 and will run for one year.

Sponsoring a mentee

For companies, industry associations or donors who would like to sponsor specific participants for this mentorship programme, please contact us at

A bit of history

GWNET’s first Global Mentoring Programme 1/2018 started in April 2018. Out of 24 applications received, GWNET selected 10 mentees and matched them each with a mentor. Participants in the programme – mentees and mentors – come from Africa, China, Europe and the Middle East as well as North and Latin America, making the programme a truly global one. The programme is set up to run remotely,  however several mentees have already managed to meet physically with their mentors as well.

GWNET Mentoring Programme has helped me to understand my strengths and to draft the path towards my career goals. Discussions with my mentor have been eye-opening and thought-provoking, and for sure helped me to develop as an energy leader.

Pirjo Jantunen

“I am proud to be part of the first batch of GWNET Mentees and can only recommend the mentoring program to other young women in the energy sector that seek inspiration, guidance, or maybe a little encouragement to take the next step. I got all of that from my mentor, which among other things resulted in the co-founding of a start-up. My engagement with GWNET does not end with the mentoring program, as I look forward to being part of the Alumni and engaging with fellow-minded women in the sector.”

Stine Carle

“It is hard to exaggerate how valuable it is to count on the listening ear of a mentor. The GWNET mentoring programme hit it on the dot when they matched me with my mentor, based on our respective experience, background and my career objectives  –  I could not have been more lucky: our mentoring duo has helped me ask the right questions and gain clarity while I navigate my career path as a young professional in sustainable energy. The value from getting someone’s perspective that speaks from vast professional experience, is unique. More than that, our mentoring match has turned into a trusted relationship I know I can rely on. I recommend this programme at every opportunity to anyone I know.” 

Ana Rovzar

“It is a great privilege to get someone who guides and helps me to discover and use untapped potential. My mentor groomed me to be sound professional in RE sector. Spending time with her was an interesting and memorable experience. I will always be grateful to her support and kindness. She has opened my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I always remember two words that helped to stand on my ground and also move forward; “be yourself” and “you are a star”. I took major life steps last year that I wouldn’t do if I was not in GWNET program. It would be difficult to write about all treasures I got from this program.”

Filagot Tesfaye


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  2. Moliehi Shale 5 years ago

    I would really like to submit an application to be mentored but Euro is rather steep.

    • GWNET Secretariat 5 years ago

      Hi Moliehi, Kindly subscribe to our newsletter for updates on upcoming programmes which you may be eligible for at no cost.

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