The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has adapted its Global Gender Survey (published in 2018) to undertake a Global Gender Survey of the Wind Industry. The partnership between IRENA and the Women in Wind Global Leadership Programme (jointly organised by the Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition – GWNET – and the Global Wind Energy Council – GWEC) will produce estimates and analysis of the representation and roles of women in the wind industry worldwide.

Participation in the survey is open to all individuals and organisations working in the wind energy sector i.e. both women and men in full or part-time positions. The findings will:

  • Strengthen and deepen our knowledge of issues relating to women’s employment
  • Improve our understanding of workplace opportunities, challenges and policy solutions in renewable energy, and
  • Highlight qualitative aspects of the global wind energy workforce.

Please note that participation in the survey is entirely voluntary and shall be subject to the applicable terms and conditions. The survey will require approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The information provided in response to the survey will be processed and aggregated with the information provided by other respondents for the purpose of the development of an IRENA, GWEC and GWNET joint publication: Wind: A Gender Perspective.

Accordingly, personal data and individually identifiable information will not be publicly disclosed.

Should you face any technical issues with filling out the survey or have any questions or clarifications, please contact Ms Celia García-Baños at (IRENA); Davina Ngei at (GWNET) and Joyce Lee at (GWEC).


Begin the IRENA Global Gender Survey of the Wind Energy Industry.

Kindly fill out your survey by Friday, 15th November 2019.


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