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Date: June 26th – 30th, 2023

Location: Leicestershire, UK

Description: GWNET participated in the ESP Stakeholder Forum and 9th ESP Partner Meetings between the 26th and 30th of June, alongside two mentees from the 2nd cohort of the Women in Energy Storage Mentoring Program. The two mentees had the opportunity to learn from experts and experienced professionals in the energy storage industry and gain a better understanding of the sector. They also had the chance to share their research and experiences with the wider network of energy storage professionals. This event was a great opportunity for them to further their knowledge and gain valuable insights into the industry.

“I had a great time connecting with manufacturers, different organisations and with research institutes. With a lot of them I could talk about research collaboration and contribution to research publications. Also, something that I learned is just to take the steps, just try, go to the people, and ask. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be selected as one of the two women on the ESMAP-GWNET Mentorship Programme to attend the World Bank Energy Storage Partnerships Stakeholder Forum and Ninth Partners Meetings. It was such an enlightening experience. We took field trips to several energy storage test beds in different cities in the UK. It was educational and insightful. I got to see research and innovations in Hydrogen, Energy generation and distribution, e-mobility charging, geothermal energy storage, and production facilities. I learned new things and connected with really senior energy experts. It was a memorable trip, and I am grateful to my incredible mentor, Dr. Andreas Hauer, for intentionally mentoring me through the entire programme. My key highlights through the week were the opportunity to share my mentoring experience on the World Bank Stage, the opportunity to network with sector experts, and the Visit to Tesley Energy Park’s Webster and Horsfall Museum. My greatest aspiration is to do things “beyond imagination”. As a young energy professional focused on energy storage, my goal is to build a battery factory in my country, Nigeria – a goal that this opportunity has rekindled and made more real to me. I believe energy storage is a crucial part of the energy transition. I am now more aware that by staying focused, disciplined, and consistent as a young energy professional, I will be able to attain this goal.” Idiongoabasi Udoh

“I had a very inspiring experience with the World Bank team and other leaders in the field of energy storage. I got to meet my mentor in person after the whole year of online meetings.  It was such a wonderful experience.  The sessions were insightful and I got to learn about different funding mechanisms for different projects,  which is  normally not discussed.  I enjoyed the visits to various labs where hydrogen projects were already running for years now, which is still in early stages process for South Africa. The battery recycling projects for circular economy were also inspiring. My best day was when we went for the battery expo on 27th. We made a lot of contacts which will lead to potential collaboration. I can never thank you enough for this opportunity,  I am inspired.  I have learned a lot. Also Natalia is a very kind woman, I always felt safe with her around.  We meet companies which we can collaborate and help to scale up our laboratory. When I come back home, I will contact them and hopefully they will help scaling up our lab and with commercialisation. Thank you for this opportunity, when we are alone in the lab, we never know how big can get out there.” Nomthandazo Mabena

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