The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and UN Women released a discussion paper setting out arguments for gender equality as an accelerator for progress across all the SDGs. The paper recommends adopting a holistic approach to gender equality focused on transforming structures that create and perpetuate gender equalities, in order to support integrated achievement of the SDGs.

The paper titled, ‘Gender Equality as an Accelerator for Achieving the SDGs,’ finds that gender equality can be a “catalytic policy intervention” that triggers positive multiplier effects across the development spectrum. Author Esuna Dugarova presents evidence on the critical role of gender equality in reducing poverty (SDG 1), attaining food security (SDG 2), enhancing human capital through health (SDG 3) and education (SDG 4), addressing climate impacts and strengthening resilience to disasters (SDG 13), and ensuring more peaceful and inclusive societies (SDG 16).

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