It is the time to declare a 100% renewable energy supply the new normal! It is time to give absolute priority to renewable energy! It is time for a new culture and lifestyle – based on renewable energy!

People from different fields and from all around the world have agreed to jointly create a day on which they will celebrate the achievements and the benefits of a renewable energy world.

Initiated by the Global100%Renewable Energy Platform and by Renewable Energy Ambassador Ruslana, the world’s first World REnew Day will be announced on the occasion of June solstice, in partnership with FridaysForFuture and supported by a large number of organisations from civil society, the renewable energy community, local governments and science.

The official launch ceremony will take place on 22 June starting from 15 h, at the UN Campus in Bonn, in parallel with the UN Climate Change Conference SB50, directly at the SB50 venue.

Read the official call for participation here.


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