Last week, GWNET held its third knowledge-transfer webinar for participants of the 2/2019 Mentoring Programme, on the topic of Personal Development: Self-Presentation. We were delighted to welcome key speaker Sonia Zavesky, Director of Zavesky Consulting Pty Ltd, a strategic verbal communication consultancy working with a range of clients to increase their confidence and competence in public speaking and media interviews.

Many speakers focus heavily on the content they are going to present, often at the expense of preparing themselves to effectively and eloquently put across their message. That is why this webinar focused on gravitas, communication, and appearance as proven ingredients for successful self-presentation.

Sonia led participants through several physical and mental exercises which are pivotal to shifting inner perspectives and settling into a presenter’s mindset. These exercises guided participants on becoming effective communicators who are able to establish a strong connection with their audience.

Key insights from the presentation and subsequent Q&A session included:

  • Bring your best possible self to every speaking engagement you are a part of. 
  • Practice, practice and more practice, including taking up acting classes and workshops to gain self-confidence.
  • Ensure that you have communicated your message to your audience in the allocated time.
  • Maintain professionalism during public speaking, but remember to share your authentic self.
  • In case your message is not engaging your audience, you can adapt your content to meet their expectations/expressed need.

If you are interested in knowing more about GWNET’s mentoring programmes, this comprehensive article outlines our work in this area. 


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