Poster with photos, companies of speakers, and organiser logos
Poster with photos, companies of speakers, and organiser logos

Date: October 26th 2021, 12:00 CEST

Location: Online

Description: The International Solar Energy Society held its Solar World Congress where the goals included elaborating upon the significance of gender diversity in the sector and its impact on the road to the energy transition.

As part of the Congress, GWNET led a forum “Women Leading the Global Energy Transition” that opened the floor to women to share their obstacles, opportunities, and their success stories in the sector, all with the goal of empowering women across different regions and fostering an inclusive energy domain.

GWNET Executive Director, Christine Lins, and Senior Advisor, Irene Giner-Reichl, reiterated GWNET’s endeavours in incorporating more women in the energy sector and the importance of diversity in regards to a speedier and just energy transition.

During the forum, Irene also shared the following: “Wonderful to hear Monica Oliphant speak from her very special vantage point and sense the passion of a lifelong dedication to sustainability – what a gift she is to ISES and to us all!”

The panellists on the forum included:

  • Christine Lins, Executive Director, GWNET (impulse statement)
  • Rashi Gupta, Founder & Managing Director of Vision Mechatronics Private Ltd, India
  • Monica Oliphant, Past President of ISES
  • Rabia Ferroukhi, Director Knowledge, Policy and Finance, IRENA
  • Petra Schwager, Chief of Energy Technologies and Industrial Applications (ETI), Department of Energy, UNIDO
  • Irene Giner-Reichl, Senior Advisor, GWNET (moderator)

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