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Date: September 22nd 2021, 18:30 CEST

Location: Online

Description: To commemorate World Energy Storage Day, GWNET took part in the Women in Energy Roundtable, which focused on connecting, educating, inspiring, networking and empowering women in the clean energy transition.

Acknowledging that women have a crucial role in sustainable energy development as energy professionals, decision-makers and consumers, the Women in Energy Roundtable served as an opportunity to accelerate the path to a just and inclusive energy transition. The need to become part of the workforce was also emphasised since energy storage and e-mobility are deemed as the next clean-tech sectors in the clean energy transition.

During the event, GWNET Executive Director, Christine Lins, who acted as Vice-Chair of the roundtable, shared our efforts in promoting gender-sensitive action around the world so that the path to the energy transition is sped up and comprehensive in nature.

To demonstrate one of our important endeavours, Christine expanded on the role of our study on “Strategies to Foster Women’s talent for Transformational Change.” The study touches upon the obstacles and opportunities for women’s inclusion in the sector, in order to facilitate a speedier and inclusive energy transition.

Panellists included:

  • Netra Walawalkar (Moderator): Director, India Markets, CES
  • Jacqueline DeRosa (Session Chair): Vice President Battery Energy Storage Systems at Ameresco
  • Christine Lins (Vice-Chair): GWNET Executive Director

Read the agenda.


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