The Women in Energy Expert Platform connects and empowers women working in sustainable energy in all parts of the world, with the aim to encourage greater visibility, networking opportunities and professional connections between women.

Today, the networking platform has quickly grown to over 1,000 members from 90+ countries. 

As a member, there are no costs to access any of the features on this platform.

We encourage you to embrace this network as your community and take advantage of the features available on the platform.

Our platform is open 24 hours a day. Log in now, introduce yourself, start a topic, and get to know the other women on the platform.

Get Started Now:

Step 1: Log Into the Platform

Log into the platform. If you have forgotten your password, follow the step by step instructions found in point 3 of this guide

Step 2: Update Your Profile

Update your profile with any new achievements and professional details. A step by step guide on updating your profile can be found here.

Step 3: Join Relevant Groups

All groups can be found under the profile’ menu, and you can quickly join public groups by clicking on the ‘join group’ button or the ‘request membership’ button for private groups. 

Join the ‘Women in Energy Worldwide’ group. This is the main group on the platform and includes topic starters around the trends and opportunities in the energy sector, virtual working, productivity, time management, leadership, daily inspiration, and more. You can also use the group to share resources and connect over some fun trivia, fitness tips, and hobbies.

Join any other of the relevant regional and topical groups. Kindly note that administrators of private groups will determine your acceptance into these groups.

To keep updated on new topics in the various fora, select the ‘subscribe’ button at the top of the page, to ensure that you are alerted via email to new posts.

Step 4: Engage with Other Women Energy Professionals

Click into your respective group(s) and select the ‘forum’ button. You will be directed to the forum for that group where you can say hello to other group members under the forum topic ‘Introduce yourself.’ 

Click on any of the other topics in the forum, read the post, and add your comments. 

You can also start a new topic by navigating to the bottom of the page and creating a new forum topic using the form provided. 

Come back to the platform at any time of the day (you can pin it in your browser or save it as a bookmark). 

Community Agreement

Our community is based on mutual respect, and we ask that you avoid pitching, pressuring, or using foul or offensive language. Kindly focus your conversations in the appropriate groups and forums, and do not quote or re-publish what a member has written on the platform without their express permission.

We view this platform as a space for collaboration and networking, but we reserve the right to suspend membership at any time when it is in the best interest of the community.


If you have any questions or require additional support with using the platform, kindly get in touch with us at


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