Four panelists on stage, with event poster in the background
Audience looks on as Christine Lins delivers virtual message during conference

Date: September 27th, 2022

Location: Prishtina, Kosovo & Online

Description: The regional conference ‘Energy & Women’ was held on 27th September, by the Association of Women in the Energy Sector of Kosovo (AWESK).

The conference aimed to “present the perspectives of decision-makers and academia from Kosovo and the region, as well as international organizations, to identify and address the challenges faced by women in the energy sector and the opportunities that can be offered by stakeholders to increase the participation of women and young people in the sector.” Furthermore, the conference aimed to support networking as well as increased participation in STEM.

As part of this conference, GWNET Executive Director, Christine Lins, took part in a virtual discussion on “International experience and best practice in promoting gender equality in the energy transition”, sharing experiences from her time in the energy sector and lessons learned through the work of GWNET.


Read the event agenda

Image credits: AWESK


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